Walking Music

Walking Music was a program put on by the UNCG SCI Student Chapter as a part of the School of Music's New Music Festival in Fall of 2009. Between two events, separated by several hours and a walk across campus, UNCG SCI hosted multiple musical acts to be stationed around campus so that visitors could walk up and down College Ave (a road running through the center of campus) at their own pace, experiencing each musical act as they moved nearer to it, and leaving when they felt like moving to the next act.

At some points along College Ave, musicians were near enough that their two acts would overlap, creating a unique sonic environment where every listener's experience of Walking Music was dependent on not only when they walked, but also on the path they chose.

The video below was made by one audience member who experienced Walking Music exactly as we intended: he meandered up and down College Ave, experiencing the music nearest to him at any given time.

Musical Acts included the UNCG Percussion Ensemble, a Minimalist Trio/Quartet, Brother Elephant, the Intermissions Ensemble, and ZS Evington.

Walking Music - Video: